Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

They say that guys love gadgets and as a guy who loves gadgets I have to agree. Whether it’s the latest wireless headphones, mini espresso maker, fitness tracker or smart watch, I’ve just got to get my hands on it.
I’ve been redesigning my pad lately and when it came to planning the new kitchen, I was amazed when a whole new world of tech opened up to me. I had no idea that there were so many cool gadgets out there that can be incorporated into the design to make those mundane tasks a little more exciting and a lot less hassle.
In fact, I’m spending so much time in my kitchen now that you could say it’s quickly becoming my new man-cave.
So, I thought I’d share my favourite gadgets and the must-have tech pieces I think you need in your kitchen right now:

Neff’s Slide and Hide Oven

I’ve been into cooking ever since I started watching Jamie Oliver over a decade ago and I’m pretty good at whipping up something tasty when I’ve got company, so I can’t get enough of Neff’s ingenious Slide and Hide Oven.
Whether you’re a novice cook or an experienced chef, you’ll find that the unique slide and hide oven door makes getting to your grub so much easier. It’s space saving too, which is great for small kitchens, plus it’s got some other pretty impressive features: there’s a VarioSteam feature which adds just the right amount of moisture to whatever you’re cooking, as well as CircoTherm air technology that stops flavours from intermingling, meaning that you can cook a three course meal in one place.
My personal favourite though has to be the Pyrolytic Self Cleaning function – who’s got time to clean their oven anyway?
Oh, and if you’re into making life easier, then you’re going to love my next kitchen must-have…
AEG Integrated Comfort Lift Dishwasher
Making loading and unloading an absolute doddle, this dishwasher’s specially designed lifting mechanism takes the hassle out of putting in – and taking out – all those dirty dishes.
There’s loads of room in the extra-large interior and there’s space that’ll accommodate those odd shaped and cumbersome items too. With 5 spray levels, a satellite spray arm and a third ceiling spray arm, glasses, dishes and cutlery come out sparkling.
If you’re in a rush, select TimeSaver mode and the cycle is reduced by up to 50%, plus there’s the option to air dry dishes naturally too. If you’re like me you’ll be keen to do what you can to reduce your energy bills, so you’ll be pleased to know that thanks to this dishwasher’s excellent A++ energy efficiency rating there’s no risk of it being a burden on your bills, which is a real bonus.